Casey Hurley is a business management professor at BYU-Idaho and the only female faculty member in the Business Management department. She studied journalism at BYU and recieved a law degree from Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

She has taught for almost 15 years at BYU-I and has taught classes including Financial Law, Corporate and Advanced Investments, Advanced Writing in Professional Contexts, Business Law, and Intergrated Business Core.

Q:What are you teaching in the business department, and what do you love about it?

A: I have gotten to teach IBC, which is probably the highlight of my experience in the Business department. Just being able to work more closely with students in an experiential setting where they get to work in a business is just a ton of fun.

Q: What is it like to be a woman in the business field?

A: A lot of women are in business, and I think business is an absolutely wonderful option for women, especially women who care about the Proclamation to the Family and who want to have the flexibility to be a mom and to really nurture their families. Business is a great option because there are a lot of options. There are women who start a business and are able to do something from home. There are so many businesses where women have flexibility with hours. Typically in business, people tend to care about trying to make teams stronger and better and more productive. Research shows that having a more diverse team is helpful and having women is helpful, so, in general, people want to work with women, and they want women on their teams. There are certainly challenges, especially in workplaces that have been more traditionally male, but there are just so many opportunities for women in the business world.

Q: How do you think that the business world can help strengthen families?

A: Women who study business and who have business experience increase their self-reliance; their confidence; their ability to know that if they’re not in the work force and their family needs it, that they would be able to provide. Personally, as a woman who works and is in business and also focuses a lot on nurturing children and a husband and family and trying to be flexible with that, I think it brings a lot to my home. My kids actually have been able to do things like (go) with us when IBC goes to Badger Creek. They have a lot of experience interacting with college students, which has been a huge blessing for them to see the value of education. I feel like some of the things I have learned about business are relevant in a family setting. Things like budgeting are helpful. I feel like my marriage is stronger because … my spouse and I both come to the table knowing there is a lot to contribute in helping our household run, in helping our family run. There is not a sense that somebody is superior or smarter, we work together.

Q: Do you think that it is important for women to get an education?

A: Absolutely! I don’t know how you can be a Latter-day Saint and not think that it’s important for everyone to have an education. We know that that’s part of the whole plan of salvation to become educated, and of course the prophets continue to remind us how important it is and how important self-reliance is.

Q: Why do you think that women should get an education?

A:You become more godlike as you become more educated, and that is a life-long process. You become more capable to serve in the Church, you become more capable to serve others in general, you become a more capable mother, you increase your confidence in being able to work with the school system and helping your kids get educated.