Ben Yates, university communication strategy coordinator, shared a summer devotional Tuesday. He taught about how to lead life through the eyes of an eternal perspective.

“With so many voices calling for our attention and proclaiming what truth is and is not, it can be difficult to know how to navigate our mortal journey,” Yates said. “Thankfully, the Lord has not left us to navigate mortality alone without direction and tools.”

Yates encouraged students to counter Satan by recognizing what is from Heavenly Father.

“Heavenly Father has blessed us with the gift to feel guilt when we have done something wrong, so we can recognize what we’ve done and change,” Yates said. “This heavenly gift is accompanied by love, encouragement and hope.”

Yates explained that Satan’s counterfeit guilt is accompanied by feelings of despair, discouragement and doubt. It prompts us in the wrong direction — it tells us that we can never change.

“He is a God of hope and light, and forgiveness,” Yates said. “He is a God of encouragement and enlightenment. He is a God of power and progress. He is a God of charity and change.”

As we work to change our perspectives, Yates said that we need to be aware of what distracts us.

Jian Walker, a BYU-I summer semester student, said on the devotional discussion board that daily prayer and scripture study help him keep an eternal perspective.

Summer devotionals are held in the Gordon B. Hinkley Building Chapel at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesdays, and can also be viewed online. Fall devotional will return to the BYU-Idaho Center on Sept. 12.