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Necessary steps to get married

Just got engaged? Getting married in only a few weeks? When preparing for unexpected marriages, there are a lot of elements that could potentially be missed.

Darin Nielsen, a junior studying psychology, is getting married in December. As he has been getting ready for marriage, he said that only two things are necessary.

“All you need is a wife and a house,” Nielsen said.

As simple as we wish life could be, there are a few additional things to keep in mind. Here are the necessary steps to getting married.

Couple exiting Meridian Temple
Couple exiting Meridian Temple Photo credit: Alana Skidmore

Set a temple date

If you are planning on getting married in a temple, call the temple far in advance to ensure you get the date that works best for your family. Especially if you’re getting married in Idaho or Utah temples, some temples require a few months’ notice to schedule your dream date.

Here is the Idaho Falls temple’s website, and here is Rexburg’s.

Set an endowment date

If you are having a temple marriage, don’t forget to set dates for the endowment before you get to the sealing. Getting sealed in the temple requires both parties to have received their endowment, so scheduling an appointment for one or both to get endowed should be the first or second step for couples to take.

The way to set up an appointment is to call the temple and request an endowment date. The workers will give the information needed in order to get an endowment and prepare you for the sacred experience.

Find an officiant

If you are not having a temple wedding, it is necessary to find an officiant. In your ward, your bishop can be your officiant. If you are not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you can find an officiant online or through the community.

It is a good idea for you and your future spouse to meet with the officiant if you don’t know them to establish a connection and relationship. Without an officiant, you will not be able to get married.

Get a marriage license

The next step after sorting out the logistics of where and who is marrying you is to schedule an appointment with the county recorder’s office. Getting a marriage license is a legal way to declare to the United States government that you and your significant other plan to get married.

According to the Official Website of the State of Idaho, applicants getting married in Idaho must obtain a marriage license in Idaho. Other states may have different rules and regulations, so ample research is encouraged.

For more information about Idaho marriage licenses, click here.

Book your venue

One of the first things to book should be a venue, particularly if you plan to have family attend your wedding. Fortunately, there are many ward and stake buildings around Idaho, and they can be reserved for free if you choose to get married in Idaho.

If you choose one of the church buildings, contact the building scheduler by looking online at your chosen location. Call ahead on other venues as well to secure a place for the ceremony or reception.

Find a dress

Make sure that you have the clothing prepared for the bride and groom to avoid last-minute rushing and scrounging together a less-than-ideal outfit. In a traditional wedding, the bridal dress tends to go through more alterations in order to fit correctly on the wedding day. As such, a dress should be found early on and given at least a few months for alterations to happen.

Apply for housing

As you are planning for your wedding, keep in mind that you need a home for you and your spouse to live in. Looking for a contract may be one of the hardest things about planning your wedding. However, there are a few ways to find a contract in Rexburg.

Join the contract buying and selling Facebook groups because they offer new married contracts as people move away. Sign up for waiting lists for housing soon after you are engaged.


When planning a wedding, different advice will be shared about what is necessary to make it to the big day. However, the above are the barebones necessary for getting married in Idaho so that you too can be married for time or for time and all eternity.

For more tips about planning weddings, here is a column by Jadree Farmer.


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