New course teaches real-world skills

Danny Morgan, a senior studying communication, takes a picture of ice cream while on a photo excursion. Professional Imaging requires students to use a digital SLR camera and to have taken Digital Imaging. CHANTELLE ZENGER | Scroll Photography

Professional Imaging is a new class being offered this semester that focuses on photography skills.
The class requires students to immerse themselves in photography and to learn and apply skill sets that will help prepare them for real-world situations.
“This is a class that is focused on building a skill set that can help students with their own business in the future,” said Brandon Fegenbush, a senior studying communication.
For the class, students go on off-campus excursions and participate in photo shoots.
“The idea is like a retreat and going away for a weekend to focus on photography all day, every day,” said Jason Lucas, a senior studying communication.
Students this semester have gone on excursions to Virginia City, Montana and Rexburg.
“My favorite [excursion] was the fashion photo shoot, when we went down to Virginia City, Montana. We brought models with us, and we were able to learn about release forms and working with people,” Lucas said.
In Montana, students were able to work with other students to create their photos.
“In Virginia City, we got to take photos of students and create more friendships. It was a really good experience, and I liked meeting new people,” Fegenbush said.
This class also teaches students about web design and how to create a website.
Students have to continually date their websites to showcase the work they do inside and outside of class.
“Every week we have assignments that are due on the weekend, and our blogs are always being dated,” Lucas said
Students also learn about deadlines and working with a team while working to improve their photography skills.
Fegenbush said Professional Imaging has helped him see that he can make a profitable career out of his desire to be a photographer.
Professional Imaging is offered under the communications major and requires the prerequisite of taking Digital Imaging and Visual Media.