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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced security and efficiency changes for general conference on Oct. 6 and 7.

The following information can be found in the news release:

  • The Conference Center will be closed to the public beginning Monday prior to general conference weekend.
  • Water bottles must be clear. Metal containers are not allowed inside the Conference Center.
  • Attendees can bring small bags and umbrellas with them inside the building. Large bags are not allowed.
  • Any personal items such as large purses, backpacks, shopping bags, suitcases and food items will no longer be stored on Church property.
  • North Temple will be closed between West Temple and Main Street two hours before each session, allowing pedestrians to cross the street in crosswalks and other designated locations within the restricted area. The street will be blocked off with movable barriers.
  • North Temple will reopen with limited access during each session and each day approximately two hours after general conference sessions end.
  • People are encouraged to walk through Temple Square and the Church plaza to get to the Conference Center.
  • Conference goers are encouraged to arrive early to provide adequate time to attend the event.

“Obviously, when you’re dealing with 60,000 people on Saturday and another 40,000 people on Sunday of general conference weekend, we’re trying to keep everybody as safe as possible and move them through as quickly as possible,” David Miles, director of Events and Support Services for the Church told Newsroom.

Miles told Newsroom that there were no threats that prompted these changes; the Church is just updating their security policies.

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