The Teton Vu Drive-In is getting a frosty makeover this winter as it’s converted into a seasonal ice-skating rink and music venue. These activities will open this weekend.

The Rink is Rexburg’s newest ice skating rink located at the Teton Vu Drive-In on North Yellowstone Highway. According to the drive-in movie website, Teton Vu is typically only open from March to October each year. The Rink will take over this lot during the off-season, where they will feature a music venue area for local bands to perform on Friday and Saturday nights.

“Rexburg ​is ​a ​really ​great ​town,” said Hazel Paul, social media manager for The Rink. “​That ​being ​said, ​there’s ​not ​a ​lot ​to ​do. So, ​with ​The ​Rink, ​our ​goal ​is ​to provide ​something ​to ​do ​on ​the ​weekends ​and ​in ​the ​evenings that ​brings ​people ​together.”

In addition to ice skating and live music, The Rink offers a variety of family-friendly activities including s’mores kits, archery, axe throwing and human foosball. There will also be a 20-30-minute walk with Christmas lights and a “kids town.”

The Rink will offer two types of tickets. The ice-skating day pass — which costs $10 for adults and $7 for kids — includes access to ice skating and the additional games and activities at The Rink. The live music ticket grants general admission to the music performances and costs $10.

Opening weekend will feature performances from local bands and the Steak N’ Berries food truck will be on-site. Taffy Stains will headline the concert Friday at 7:30 p.m. Saturday’s concert will be headlined by Downbeat, a local band of high school students.

“(Saturday is) ​going ​to ​be ​kind ​of ​like ​a ​high ​schoolers ​night ​and ​we ​have ​some ​really ​talented ​high ​school ​bands ​that ​are ​playing,” Paul said. “​They ​always ​bring ​a ​huge ​crowd. ​It’s ​super ​fun.”

Paul also oversees the music venue side of the business. She was previously part of the team managing The Basement, a local music venue that recently closed down. Since the closure of The Basement, Rexburg has been left without a venue for musicians to perform and share their talent.

“What’s ​great ​about ​the ​music ​venue part ​of ​it, ​is ​it ​gives ​people ​really ​unique ​experiences,” Paul said. “Every ​time ​you ​see ​a ​concert, ​it’s ​going ​to ​be ​different. It’s ​a ​great ​place ​to ​showcase ​local ​talent ​as ​well ​as … thebands ​from ​Utah ​playing (and) ​some ​bands ​from ​Boise.

The Rink is holding a giveaway prior to its opening weekend where participants can win merch and free tickets.

The Rink is holding a giveaway prior to its opening weekend where participants can win merch and free tickets. Photo credit: @therinkrexburg on Instagram

To promote opening weekend, The Rink hosted a giveaway on social media where they gave away free passes for the venue and merchandise such as beanies and hoodies. For information on future giveaways or details regarding live music performances, visit The Rink’s Instagram or Facebook.

The Rink will be open Thursday through Saturday and on Mondays starting Nov. 10. On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays it will be open from 5-11 p.m. and Saturdays it will have extended hours, being open from noon to midnight. To purchase tickets, visit the company’s website.