A brand new Mexican restaurant, Cafe Sabor, opened its doors on West 2nd St in Rexburg last month.

“We just saw a lot of demand for something more authentic from Mexican food around this place,” said Armando Rebollar, the restaurant manager.

This is Cafe Sabor’s eighth location, and the first in Rexburg.

“We already have one in Island Park and Idaho Falls, and a lot of people… live in the middle. They’d drive to either location. Now we’ve just kind of eliminated that drive and brought it closer to a lot of people,” Rebollar said.

Cafe Sabor occupies the space next to Deseret Book and Crumbl Cookies

Cafe Sabor occupies the space next to Deseret Book and Crumbl Cookies Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

Not only does the Rexburg location eliminate the commute for Cafe Sabor fans, but it also provides more flavor to the Rexburg food scene.

“Every location we’ve opened, we just kind of dominated the Mexican food competition there,” Rebollar said. “I’ve eaten this my entire life, and when people ask me ‘Do you like it?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t want to be biased but yes I do.’”

Cafe Sabor had its grand opening weekend April 25, and Rebollar said that the reception has been good so far.

Chips and salsa provide a welcome appetizer

Chips and salsa provide a welcome appetizer. Photo credit: Ryan Turner

“We’ve slowly been getting more attention and more publicity,” Rebollar said. A lot of the kids I’ve hired are students that go here so they’ve been letting their friends know.”

One of those employees, BYU-Idaho alumna Melanie Coates, said that working at Cafe Sabor has provided a helpful, consistent work schedule.

“I like that it’s a regular schedule,” Coates said. “This is nice because it’s very consistent, and you can know when the rush is going to be.”

Carne asada tacos with a side of rice and beans

Carne asada tacos with a side of rice and beans. Photo credit: Ryan Turner

Coates said that her favorite menu item would be the pesto pasta with shrimp and burrito supreme with pork. Rebollar also said that the quality of food is what sets Cafe Sabor apart from other Mexican restaurants.

“The flavor, the food quality we use,” Rebollar said. “Nothing’s frozen, everything’s fresh.”

For more about Cafe Sabor and daily meal specials, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.