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A slice of pizza can be the starting point for making friends, joining a society, participating in résumé-worthy activities and learning about off-campus opportunities. The English Academic Society, which is supported by the Department of English, will be hosting their opening social on Jan. 17 at 2 p.m. in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building, room 278.

This opening social will provide pizza and a time for voting in a new presidency that will lead the EAS for Winter Semester 2019. Anyone who is an English major or minor has the opportunity to participate.

“The EAS provides an opportunity for students to participate in activities that are academically beneficial and fun,” said Olivia Fisher, a senior majoring in English and former president of the EAS. “We did a publishing workshop where we looked at different places to go for getting published, self-published or published at a publishing house, which was fun and insightful on the industry.”

Previously, the EAS has been a part of planning activities such as the Pre-professional Conference, a creative writing contest, a poetry writing contest and more.

“The most memorable moment (in the fall 2018 EAS) was the Edgar Allen Poe reading night,” Fisher said. “We got together in the MC Little Theatre and rented props from the Theatre Department and set them around the theatre. Brother (Braden) Hepner dressed up as Poe, and we glued a mustache onto him and he read ‘The Black Cat.’ It was a fun, spooky Halloween reading.”

Michael Stevenson, a BYU-I alumnus and former president for the Child and Family Advocacy Society, still remembers the experiences he gained from being a member and leader.

“Being in a club helped me realize the many opportunities to serve and the multiple career paths available within my area of study,” Stevenson said. “I remember when I went to my first society meeting and I was like ‘Oh my gosh!’ I thought I was the only one who cared about a topic this niche, but there were 10 other people just as passionate as me.”

During Fall Semester 2018, the Child and Family Advocacy Society hosted the Unite to Fight Pornography conference with guest speakers such as Emeritus Seventy Mervyn B. Arnold. The society also hosted an event for students who are interested in grad school or looking to go into the workforce after graduating.

“Don’t miss out on your society activities!” Stevenson said. “There are many opportunities to further your education, make friends with the same interests and participate in cool activities unique to the department.”

For additional information on academic societies and which group applies to your major, the Join a Society webpage has the title for each department and club in each college. Refer to the weekly e-mails from your department.

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