l New teacher, Cody Smith, encourages new students - BYU-I Scroll

With new students come new professors, and Cody Smith, a professor in the Biology department, is one of them.

Smith just finished his first semester teaching Anatomy and Physiology to BYU-Idaho students.

“I originally I wanted to be a professor because I enjoy teaching and research, but, ironically, when I was a Ph.D. student, I didn’t want to deal with a lot of the politics, headache and stress from being at an institution, and so I pursued a career in the biotech industry, and I really loved it,” Smith said.

Though Smith was hesitant to teach, with the encouragement of a BYU professor and friend and a nudge from his wife, he applied for a position.

“When I applied for those positions, I felt prompted to check the BYU-Idaho job board,” Smith said. “That is when I found this position, and the rest is history.”

For those who are incoming freshmen, Smith gives advice to help students throughout their college experience.

“First, take the opportunity to learn how to learn at college,” Smith said. “Second, find something that you enjoy learning and pursue that regardless of the potential career outcomes.”