According to the Park and Recreation Committee press release, on May 14, HK Construction Company broke ground for the new toddler playground on Park Street Park.

According to the press release, the area previously held a set of swings and a slide that had been there for years. While well maintained, the play area lacked playground equipment and visitors.

“The benefits of this new toddler park are many,” said Rachel Hales, Rexburg Park Committee representative. “Having a park that is entirely suited for toddlers keeps little kids safer and gives peace of mind to the mothers.”

Hales said with the new housing being built on 5th West, the location of the park will be great for young mom’s bring their children and interact with other mothers in the community.

According to the press release, the park will be designed to provide a unique environment for mothers with young children. It will include a trike track, a pretend gas station, an obstacle course, a cozy coon merry-go-round, typhoon slide, picnic tables, swing set and much more.

Volunteers will begin helping in late June, digging holes, pouring cement and spreading bark.

The construction of the new park was made possible by Rexburg City, CHC Foundation, Merrill Quality Landscaping, Let’s Play, Rexburg Motor Sports, Madison Gymnastics Center and The High Five Grant reported the Rexburg Park Committee.