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New website helps BYU-I students get more acquainted with Rexburg

Written by Nick Christensen

EZ-NetTools created a website where students, residents and visitors can rediscover Rexburg, named Rexburg Online.

Rexburg Online has lists of events and activities, local businesses, places to eat and other information on the community of Rexburg and the surrounding area. It offers suggestions in various categories, including historic sites, indoor recreation, landmarks, movies, museums, outdoor activities for any season and more, according to rexburgonline.com.

“It’s a chance for us to go explore and have an adventure,” said Alexander Ary, a junior studying business finance and an employee at EZ-NetTools. “It’s also a community organization where other people can contribute as well.”

Alexander Ary said Rexburg Online allows visitors to submit suggestions and pictures for possible attractions. The submissions may be published by Rexburg Online and may even become a featured listing.

Alexander Ary said businesses can apply to be listed on the website at no cost. Rexburg Online will send a Google StreetView certified photographer to the applying business and create a virtual tour of the business. The image will then be submitted to Rexburg Online and also Google.

“By the end of October, Rexburg Online will have over 100 businesses and over 100 listings of things to do,” Alexander Ary said. “We anticipate reaching 500.”

Alexander Ary said much of what is posted on the website is self-submitted. The applications submitted by businesses have them fully scheduled until December.

Alexander Ary said some locals were surprised by some listings they hadn’t known about. He said Rexburg Online hopes to help the students at BYU-Idaho know more about what is available in Rexburg.

“We hope that it becomes the go-to online resource for things to do and discovering businesses, and to help students discover incredible things and places while attending school here,” said Kimberly Ary, a junior studying public health and an employee at EZ-NetTools.

Rexburgonline.com is sponsored by EZ-NetTools. It was created by Bruce Eckman, a Rexburg resident and the president and CEO of EZ-NetTools Inc.

The purpose of the website is “to help community members discover, enjoy and take advantage of all that Rexburg has to offer,” according to rexburgonline.com.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes is from Southern California and is a college journalist working for the BYU-Idaho Scroll newspaper. He is studying communication and He is currently the Assistant Campus Editor for the BYU-Idaho Scroll.

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