Nothing about the inception of the Utah NHL team has been orthodox. Their naming and logo scheme are no exception.

The team announced on Thursday afternoon that the team will temporarily play under the name “Utah Hockey Club.” It also released home and away jerseys as well as four logos. The jerseys and logos can be viewed on the team’s “X” account, which the team also released on Thursday.

This announcement does not come as a surprise, as Utah Hockey Club had previously announced that it would play under the state’s name for its first season, taking all the necessary time to get input from the community.

Utah Hockey Club posted its third team naming survey minutes after releasing the jerseys and logos. There are now six names under consideration:

— Utah Blizzard

— Utah Venom

— Utah Outlaws

— Utah Hockey Club

— Utah Mammoth

— Utah Yeti

According to the survey, more than 520,000 people responded to the initial survey. More than 60% of the votes were in favor of these six names.

Although no NHL team has ever played without a team name, Utah Hockey Club is not the first in North American professional hockey to do so. The PWHL, the professional women’s league which just concluded its first season, didn’t name any of its teams off the bat — Or should we say off the faceoff?

The PWHL broke attendance and viewership records on multiple occasions this year. Utah Hockey Club ownership may have seen that as an indication that people care more about the on-ice product and the fan experience more than they care about naming or branding.