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Well, that Super Bowl was … interesting.

For those who didn’t watch, it was low scoring, had a mediocre halftime show and overall decent commercials.

It’s sad a huge football fan like me has more interest in the commercials than the actual game. That Amazon Alexa ad was hysterical, while the game was boring.

It’s never been that way for me; the Super Bowl has always been one of my favorite events of the year.

Growing up, I didn’t get to watch the Super Bowl very much, as it and most NFL games were on Sunday. My grandma recorded Super Bowl XL for me, and I would watch that game over and over because I loved it. It was so fun to watch the Steelers and Seahawks duke it out for number one in the world.

The first Super Bowl I ever watched live was when Peyton Manning’s Colts took on the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI. I talked my dad into letting us watch it because I was a giant Peyton Manning fan, and I wanted to see if he could win the whole thing.

Peyton did it, and I was ecstatic.

That game ignited a passion for the Super Bowl within me. It wasn’t just the game, or the talent level, or the commercials, it was everything all in one. It was my mom making a cheese ball and party snacks. It was our family laughing at the commercials together, and of course, it was football.

The next year it was Eli Manning versus Tom Brady, Giants versus Patriots, and I once again talked my parents into watching it. The Patriots were undefeated and the Giants were a Cinderella team, so it seemed pretty obvious who would win.

I had a lot invested into this game as my basketball team made bets on the game; whoever was right didn’t have to run at the next practice, whoever lost had to run the entire practice.

I couldn’t bring myself to choose the Patriots and had to go with the Giants. I still remember the moment Eli Manning was surrounded by Patriots defenders, slipped out of their clutches and just threw the ball up. When the ball came down, David Tyree pinned the football to his helmet in one of the best catches I’ve ever seen.

I jumped up and cheered as the Giants were in prime position to win the game after that play. I didn’t have to run during the next practice.

Subsequent Super Bowls were not so kind. Peyton lost to the Saints and the Seahawks, the Patriots won another one, but Eli managed to beat Brady a second time.

Then Peyton, my favorite player of all time and a personal hero, entered Super Bowl L in possibly his last game ever. He wasn’t the player he used to be, and his team faced quite the challenge, the Carolina Panthers.

Fortunately his defense came through and the Broncos triumphed. I was all smiles, as Peyton had won what ultimately was his final football game.

Last year’s Super Bowl was an entirely new experience for me. I spent the day with my wife’s family, who I had met just six months previous. On top of that, my wife and I had only been married for a month, and these were all relatively new people to me.

No matter, any reservations I had at the time went out the window at kickoff. The passionate football fan I am came out in full force.

To my shock and glee, the Eagles pulled off the victory, and I jumped and shouted when Brady fumbled the ball and Derek Barnett recovered. I think I was a bit more excited than everyone else in the room.

Ultimately, the Super Bowl is more than football, it’s more than the commercials, it’s about friends and family coming together and having a great time at one of the biggest events of any given year.

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