President Obama is leaving office.

Big whoop.

Just because Obama is leaving does not mean those of us who have opposed the president and his policies should suddenly have to praise his name.

We are not going to simply ignore all of his policy failures and tell him what a good boy he’s been. His PR image means nothing. His policies are what matter.

We are looking forward to the end of an administration that pushed failed healthcare policies, continued wars that have resulted in the loss of hundreds if not thousands of American lives and actively strengthened racial tensions across the country.

The editorial may praise the Obama family’s carefully calculated image put forth by the Obama administration’s public relations team, but we believe there are much more important things to judge the president by than that.

Not only does the editorial try to convince us that we should look past Obama’s faults and praise him for and his family for looking pretty, it even goes so far as to assert that the Obama family emulates the sacred teachings found in the Family Proclamation to the World.

This is a grossly irresponsible comparison to make.

There is no actual evidence showing the Obama’s emulate any of the teachings in the Proclamation except they are married and have children.

Beside that, Obama has pushed policies that actively contradict the teachings in the Proclamation.

The Obama administration has consistently stood behind Planned Parenthood and has continuously fought for women to have the right to kill their unborn children.

That is not a person or administration that upholds the standards spoken of in the Proclamation to the World.

We will not look past the president’s many failings to praise his and his family’s fabricated image.