On Tuesday, June 13, BYU-Idaho released an official notice to students regarding a university-wide test of the university’s emergency communication system which will be conducted on Thursday, June 15 around noon. 

This test will include messages from various platforms such as text messaging, campus digital signage and email. Those with Cisco phone systems will receive audio alerts that individuals can dismiss a few seconds after the sounding of the alert.

The notice also specified that in the case of a legitimate emergency, the first means of communication for both students and faculty would be through text. The university encourages every student to have an emergency phone number on file to receive emergency texts. 

As for the test message, those who receive a text can dismiss it by responding “yes”. Those who receive the message through email may dismiss the test by clicking on a link in the email. To receive this message, though, students’ BYU-I profiles need to be updated. 

For those who need to update their emergency contact information, instructions are provided in the official notice. It also states that further instructions will be provided in case of a real emergency.