Official notice: gratitude and commitments

Taylor Building Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

On March 28, BYU-Idaho released an official notice both thanking students for their hard work and faith during COVID-19 and reminding them to stay obedient and observant of the dress and grooming standards.

“As we prepare for the upcoming spring semester, we are grateful for increased health and security and to no longer have the many COVID-related mandates that we observed for so long on campus. In the face of these challenges, we appreciate your faithfulness and admire your diligence in pursuing your education,” stated the notice.

The notice included this call to action to remain engaged in the dress and grooming standards because the President’s Executive Group feel as if students haven’t been as adamant about these standards as they should be. In this notice, they reminded students that these standards are included in the BYU-Idaho Honor Code and are expected for every student to uphold.

“The dress and grooming standards help us to all be dignified and professional, modest and respectful,” stated the notice. “As we begin a new semester, we invite you to come with a renewed determination to abide by the BYU-Idaho dress and grooming standards.”

The notice ended with the school asking students not to be offended if they are reminded of these commitments. For further clarification, students can view both the official notice and CES Honor Code.