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One arm is a help, not a hindrance: Jacob Campbell tells his lacrosse story

Jacob Campbell, an alumnus of BYU-Idaho, was born with one arm, but has learned to play lacrosse just as well as those with two arms.

“Growing up in a sports family, I’m pretty competitive,” Campbell said. “Instead of getting discouraged, I work on it. I try and improve that one thing. I just work through it, until it’s no longer a limitation.”

Campbell said that being born with one arm, helped him adapt to different circumstances.

“It’s all about attitude,” said Jesse Smidt, a junior studying communication, who is Campell’s teammate and friend. “He doesn’t let criticism pull him down. He doesn’t let people’s opinions alter his view points on life.”

Smidt said that he saw that Campbell didn’t let criticisms pull him down from working with Campbell on the mission.

“We met in the MTC and eventually we became really good friends,” Smidt said. “After our mission we just decided to play together.”

They both Served in the same mission, the Brazil Belohorizonte Mission, Smidt said.
Campbell said the reason playing sports was a challenge for him was because nobody had the same challenge that he had.

“Everyone has challenges in sports and that was just one of mine. I shot the ball different, and hold the stick different,” Campbell said.

Smidt said that Campbell has learned to do everything with one arm.

“He plays as if he has both arms,” Smidt said.“If you were just watching him play, you would not even know that he only has one arm. He’s just gotten so good at doing everything with one arm, including Lacrosse.”

Campbell said, from his point of view he would say that he has an advantage because they think he has a disadvantage and they underestimate him.

“I think the natural reaction is most people feel kind of embarrassed that they’re getting out played by someone with one arm,” Schmidt said.

According to Sportslook.net , many people with disabilities have displayed great courage and participate in sports, only to overcome their physical hindrances.

For Campbell, the greatest part of sports is the camaraderie that develops amongst the team.

“That’s probably like my favorite part of sports, is that whether you win or lose, you come together as a team.”

Campbell said that winning the championship last year and the first year have been some of the highlights of his Lacrosse days.

“Last spring semester was our biggest accomplishment was winning the championship last spring 2015,” said Smidt.

Campbell said that one of the highlights for him is also getting to see the new guys who have sometimes never picked up a Lacrosse stick improve.


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