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When Liza Lawrence found herself bored, she knew it was time for a new challenge. In her case the third time really was the charm.

After running her own preschool for about seven years, Lawrence felt like it was time for a change, time for some “adult stimulation” as she put it. She moved to Sugar City with her family to become a teacher at BYU-Idaho.

“I was just part time; it was enough for me to get out of the house and feel like I was an adult again,” said Lawrence. “I love my children, but I also wanted some intellectual stimulation.”

She went full time for a couple of years, but now she is back to a part-time adjunct teacher, teaching child development.

“I am an avid learner, and I like to challenge myself,” Lawrence said.

She got into meditation and spirituality. It went beyond reading her scriptures everyday and saying her daily prayers.

“I wanted to go deeper,” she said.

After praying and asking the Lord what He wanted her to do with her time, she had an idea; this wasn’t the first time this idea had come to her, but now she was ready to execute it.

Her idea was to somehow compile and share stories of miracles. She said she couldn’t think of a better topic, because sharing miracles strengthens testimonies.

The first time the idea came to her in the form of a book, the second time the idea came to her in the form of a YouTube channel, but this time it came to her in the form of a podcast.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh! Yeah! That is the perfect format,'” Lawrence said.

She said what’s been the most fun about creating her podcast is connecting with people. “Some of the more powerful ones are when tragedy happens, and we see God in the hard things in life. I think those are the most touching, because we have all experienced those times when we have been struggling and we wonder ‘Where is God? Is he here? Is he aware of me?”

The podcast is a nondenominational podcast; it is for Christians around the world, not only members of the Church. “We should be celebrating God in all aspects of life and from all religions,” she said.

Lawrence said the most fun episode is the one she’s working on at the time.

Fun Facts About Liza:

1. Lawrence lived in Voronezh, Russia (about an hour south of Moscow), for six months with her husband when they were newly married, to teach English.

2. She received not one, but two bachelor’s degrees from Utah State University, one in early childhood education and the other in elementary education.

3. Two bachelors wasn’t enough; she went on to get her master’s degree at Utah State because they offered her a master’s degree apprenticeship, which they paid for.

4. Before teaching college, she taught kindergarten and first grade.

5. When she knew that she was going to start a podcast, she had no clue about how to do it. She ended up patterning it after a ghost stories podcast her son showed her.

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