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OPINION: The Dangers of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, has undoubtedly made a significant impact on American politics. Even after his loss in the 2020 presidential election, people around the nation still believe Trump will be sworn in as president and remove Joe Biden from office.

The idea comes from a theory called QAnon. The New York Times states that QAnon believers think Trump is a righteous warrior fighting “evil” within the U.S. government, including pedophiles and satan-worshippers. The same source states that QAnon supporters believe that Trump was selected by high ranking military officials to fill this role in 2016.

A BBC article reports that QAnon started through social media when someone who claimed to have “Q” level clearance in the national government made multiple posts to social media. This anonymous person who goes by “Q” claimed to have found evidence of the “evil” within the government.

Another BBC article explains that the believers of QAnon believed Trump would be inaugurated on March 4.

All of this led to the belief that Trump is a good, upstanding president who will fight for good and justice, despite his loss in 2020.

This is a belief that is not only dangerous but untrue. I believe that all of these theories and ideas are false.

Obviously, Trump was not inaugurated on March 4, and Biden has continued as the president of the United States.

It is my opinion that Trump is not a good man. He was not a good president, and he continues to be dangerous after his presidency has ended. If there is any “evil” in the American government, then Trump is a prime example of it. The United States of America cannot afford to have a president that is not even responsible enough to have a Twitter account.

Steven Hassan wrote the book The Cult of Trump, and he helps people leave cults and destructive groups through his job as a mental health professional. He is very knowledgeable about indoctrination and was himself indoctrinated into Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. He later left with the help of his family.

The Cult of Trump explains how Trump and his administration use indoctrination techniques to gain and keep followers, not unlike a cult. The book explains a way Trump manipulates the media:

“…Trump was aided by a vast and mutually supportive right-wing media machine—notably news programming like Fox, Breitbart, Nexstar, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and many others. He has also been helped by internet trolls, social media manipulators, and even — as has been shown by numerous federal investigations — by agents of the Russian government.”

Trump has used the media as a vehicle to spread his indoctrination far and wide. Hassan believes that he uses what is called “phobia indoctrination” as a part of his techniques. This is a technique in which someone creates something to be afraid of and offers protection from that fear.

The Cult of Trump reads:

“This is why Trump spends so much air and Twitter time painting a frightening picture of the danger posed by immigrants — Mexicans, Muslims, the migrant caravan. The more vivid the thought or image installed in people’s minds, the greater a hold it has, and the less susceptible to rational or critical thought.”

Trump has created a fear of immigrants, he has called Hispanic immigrants “rapists,” “criminals” and even stated that they were bringing drugs to the United States, according to an article from Time.

He made the fear present, he needed a solution. Something to protect his followers from immigrants.

The wall.

The wall that Trump wanted to build all along the southern border of the United States to stop immigrants from entering. This, along with tighter immigration policies, was the solution.

Now the supporters had something to latch onto, and by relying on the wall, they were relying on Trump.

We can see this pattern. It was not uncommon throughout Trump’s presidency. He created exaggerated and untrue pictures of the United States and then offered refuge to the scared citizens.

This is only one of the techniques he has used. The Cult of Trump goes on to explain more.

I believe that this is why he has loyal followers in the form of QAnon and just everyday people even after his loss in 2020. Trump has indoctrinated people into believing whatever he says, and they hold him on a pedestal.

It makes sense why many of Trump’s supporters will believe anything positive about him. He used indoctrination techniques to keep rational thought out and keep people from thinking for themselves.

That is why Trump is so dangerous. I believe that the United States is in a stage that requires the rational opinions of every American. Americans need to create sound, researched and informed opinions about current issues. Trump prevents this from happening.

So now I ask, would you want Trump to be inaugurated in place of Biden? Do you want a man who lies, cheats, demeans his fellow Americans, only acts to serve himself, and indoctrinates others to sit in the oval office? Do you truly believe a man like that would expel “evil” from the American government?

I know I don’t.

I encourage all to look at the Trump presidency as what it was, an example of what a presidency should not be. We should take the Trump presidency and vow as a nation to never repeat our mistake. Trump was dangerous, not for the government, but for the people. And if we are not careful, he will continue to be a threat to the United States.

Now, as a nation, we can “deprogram” ourselves and move forward.


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