This article and photos are by Jenna Schwarz

For the past 20 years, The BYU-Idaho Art and Literary Journal, otherwise known as Outlet, has been publishing and showcasing students’ work in literature, art, and design. Students submit poems, short stories, and a variety of art pieces in hopes of getting it published at the end of the semester.

For students in the Graphic Design class, the second half of the semester is spent working on designs for the literature pieces and covers, as well as working in teams on the overall layout for the journal. As the publication date gets closer, the finished designs are voted on and the best get published.

Katie Braithwaite, a sophomore studying art and Crystal Wiseman, a junior studying art are working in a group with several other students on their layout concept. Braithwaite explained that their theme is “taking quotes from what Ricks College and what BYU-Idaho was – ‘becoming mighty oaks’.

“To represent this idea, we are crumpling up newspapers and twisting it around and making it into tree parts,” Braithwaite said.

Both girls agreed that working in a team is very time consuming, but rewarding.

“We’re all so different and we have so many ideas”, Wiseman said. “I feel like we give each other new ways to look at things we didn’t think of before”.

The 20th edition of Outlet will be published on December 12.