Parents must teach their children to pray


Tad R Callister, General Sunday School President spoke of the importance of teaching children.

“One of the most meaningful things we can do as parents is teach our children the power of prayer, not just the routine of prayer,” he said.

Callister said that parents can teach their children to pray for things of eternal consequence such as the strength to be morally clean, obedience and the courage to stand for the right.

“If we do not do this, who will?” he said.

Elder Callister said that the titles of husband and wife, father and mother will continue and be revered through worlds without end.

“That is one reason it is so important to honor our responsibilities as parents here on earth,” he said.

He testified that aid is given to those who serve the Lord diligently.

“God never gives us a responsibility without offering divine aid, of that I can testify,” he said.