On Feb. 29, the Phi Sigma Alpha Honors Society held its first induction dinner for members and inductees. There were 17 inductees present who qualified to be inducted as official members of the honors society.

At the event, David Kirkham, the LDS International Society president, spoke about his experiences in the sphere of international politics and his ongoing efforts with the Geneva Office for Human Rights Education (GO-HRE).

Inductees stand as they are presented to be inducted.

Inductees stand as they are presented to be inducted. Photo credit: Gabe Mills

Kirkham spoke about his former work with the United Nations and his ongoing efforts with the GO-HRE to increase accessibility to human rights education. He has worked in several different countries with the US Air Force, United Nations and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“There is a world out there that we need to be reaching out to,” Kirkham said, encouraging students to be positive global actors.

David Kirkham gives his keynote speech.

David Kirkham gives his keynote speech. Photo credit: Gabe Mills

Kirkham’s keynote speech centered on the importance of dedicating efforts to serve others and the many opportunities people can have when they follow their curiosity.

Kirkham closed by reflecting on Eleanor Roosevelt’s vision for universal human rights. Roosevelt, who played a role in the creation of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, recited this prayer each night:

Our Father, who has set a restlessness in our hearts and made us all seekers after that which we can never fully find, forbid us to be satisfied with what we make of life.
Draw us from base content and set our eyes on far off goals. Keep us at tasks too hard for us that we may be driven to Thee for strength.
Deliver us from fretfulness and self-pitying; make us sure of the good we cannot see and of the hidden good in the world.
Open our eyes to simple beauty all around us and our hearts to the loveliness men hide from us because we do not try to understand them.
Save us from ourselves and show us a vision of the world made new.