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Everyone has their own passions and talents. For Olivia Turville, a freshman studying graphic design, her passion revolves around art.

“When I was younger, I drew this big page and put it in the talent show and I thought it was so cool,” Turville said. “It was at the time, but looking back it’s just kind of funny.”

Growing up, Turville found herself drawing and improving her skills. She found new passions like photography, songwriting and calligraphy.

“I started taking pictures when I got a phone and was super into close up photography,” Turville said. “I’ve just always loved art and photography and have gradually gotten better.”

Turville loves to write songs about anything. When inspired, Turville writes lyrics and turns it into a song. Some of them are silly and others have deeper meanings, according to Turville.

“Some of the ones I would write when my parents were getting a divorce were very deep. For me, I was just writing lyrics, but subconsciously it was helping me get through everything,” Turville said. “My mom told me after I would share them with her she would break down crying because the lyrics would touch her.

Her favorite things to create include drawings and designs. She likes to challenge herself to come up with different ideas that have meaning.

“I try to think outside the box as much as I can,” Turville said. “For me, I try to think of things others wouldn’t usually think of or do. I want my work to mean something.”

Turville likes to create things for her friends and family. She feels that gifts made from the heart make more special gifts than store bought ones.

“If it’s someone’s birthday or any event I love to make handmade cards for my friends,” Turville said. “I’ll make them cool so they have pages and different parts. It’s more special because it’s from the heart.”

Originally, Turville wanted to become a teacher until she decided to use her passion for art for a future career in graphic design.

“I want a career where I’ll be excited to go to work in the morning and be able to improve my skills,” Turville said.

Art has always been a big part of Turville’s life and now, she is going to be able to use her skills to keep creating.

“Everyone’s always known me by my art,” Turville said. “It’s given me confidence to know I’m good at something. It’s just always been a part of me.”

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