With finals just around the corner, it is an important time to study. Here are some students’ favorite places to study.

1. Manwaring Center

The MC can be a great place to study. There are a lot of places to sit down alone or with a group to study. With The Crossroads nearby, you can easily take a study break to grab some food to fuel up for the studying ahead.

2. Thomas E. Ricks Building

“The Ricks building makes me happy and is where a lot of my classes and stuff are so it makes studying there convenient,” said Courtney Barfield, a senior studying public administration and policy. Barfield also likes to study at the Ricks Building for the emptiness and peace she finds there.

3. Science and Technology Center

In the STC, there are various places you can study.

“I like studying at the STC because there is a lot of nice seating areas,” Brittany Ferrin, a junior studying math and statistics. “It is spread out and has a quiet atmosphere. I like those rooms you can go in when you are studying with somebody, and you can use your marker on the walls, and there are lots of chargers everywhere.”

4. David O. McKay Library

It may seem obvious to some people that the library would be a good place to study. It is quiet and it has a few designated areas for studying.

5. Your home

For some people, studying at home isn’t the best option. But for Breanna Brown, a freshman studying business management, home is her favorite place to study.

“Campus is boring, man,” Brown said. “I like to be with all my roommates and to work on homework with them.”

So whether you are more like Brown and study at home or more like Barfield and Ferrin, it is just important to study. So find where you work best and go crush those finals.