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BYU-Idaho’s Career Fair on Wednesday, Feb 20, housed students from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., sharing information and connections between students, potential graduate schools and employers.

One attendee, Scott Metcalf, a junior studying exercise physiology, might seem familiar to students around campus. Metcalf is the man posing in a tuxedo on the Career Fair posters.

Not only did he volunteer to model for the event’s advertisement, but he also attended.

“I’m hoping to possibly find some schools that I’m interested in going to after I graduate from college,” Metcalf said.

He talked to an Idaho State University representative about their Doctorate of physical therapy, as well as other companies about potential jobs as he finishes school. Though he had plans to look for graduate schools, Metcalf was open to learning about internships that could benefit his future career.

“It was cool walking around and seeing the different opportunities that are out there, and I was able to talk to a school that I was interested in applying to,” Metcalf said. “Overall, I think it was a good experience and definitely worth my time, and I think a lot of students would benefit from coming (to the Career Fair).”

After experiencing the Career Fair this year, Metcalf advises future attendees to have their resumes available, questions prepared and research done on the companies and schools participating.

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