Each month there is a different space-themed exploration complete with an insightful staff to answer any questions from the audience.

George S. Romney Building

George S. Romney Building Photo credit: Megan Royer

The atmosphere of the event was exciting for many, but nostalgic for others.

Lindy Tibbitts is a mother living in Rexburg, dedicating her time to raising her family.

“I remember coming in as a kid, so I wanted to bring in my own kids, especially since I grew up around here,” Tibbitts said.

Before the show began, children of all ages and personalities couldn’t contain their excitement. The could-be future astronauts enjoyed looking at all the space imagery and information displayed in the building.

Family Audience

Family audience at the planetarium. Photo credit: Megan Royer

People of all ages enjoy the show.

Ethan Seely, a space enthusiast and sophomore at BYU-Idaho, was also looking forward to the event.

“I love space, and I have the phone wallpapers to prove it. Tonight just looked super fun,” Seely said.

Ticketing for the Event

Ticketing for the event. Photo credit: Megan Royer

The presentation itself was led by Annie Talbot, an astronomy major and a staff member at the local telescope.

“I love when people ask questions,” Talbot said. “This is an experience for everyone, even for people who don’t necessarily like space. A lot of people can enjoy it.”

The show prioritizes demonstrating the beauty, science and progression in the study of space in an educational and entertaining way.

The Planetarium puts on a different presentation every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the George S. Romney Building.