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thanks, part 3 by k.

the day the stranger

became a friend, the

sun gleaned and rose

delicately above the horizon.

the wind brought brush

on the sand as it carried

new smells, sound, and warmth,

familiar in a smile.

one time we sat adjacent, and unfamiliar, she shared words, formed moments in my heart.

we sat across, in a secret room,

and connected more by how we felt than what was said.

happy faces, found content in a boring tour and

mediocre lunch.

and from these profound and

innocent scenes, to the

same sun and same wind

covering our footsteps,

side by side, where we walked, polaroid in hand.

it is all i could ask for.

she is no longer that stranger,

no longer a stranger.

we belong to eachother.

she is my friend.

thank you.

for every single moment.

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