The following is from the Rexburg Police Logs and is public record.

Sneaky toddler

“Police responded to a found three year old child on the corner of Pine Haven and Pioneer road. Child had snuck out of house. Child was located and returned to parents.”

Job to buy gift cards

“Police took a report of a fraud. The reporting party stated they applied for a job online. The contact for the job asked them to purchase $300 worth of gift cards to purchase items for work. The reporting party provided the gift card information as well as bank information for direct deposit purposes.”

Suspicious man taking photos

“Police took a report of a suspicious vehicle. The reporting party stated a green sedan with Utah license plates drove slowly by their house and took a picture. The driver was described as an older male with a grey beard. A special watch was placed on the residence.”

Don’t leave your car in gear

“Police were dispatched to a vehicle that rolled into a building after the driver got out of the drivers seat and walked into a business. The vehicle was a manual transmission and it was left in gear. The driver shut the vehicle off and activated the pull up parking brake but the vehicle still rolled forward into the building causing minor damage to the doorway. No injuries and a photographs were taken on scene.”