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The following is from the Rexburg Police Logs and is public record. 

Kids and their best friends

“Police were advised of some young kids that showed up at a residence with three dogs. The reporting party did not know where they lived. When police arrived, the parents arrived at the same time. Police were told the kids snuck out of the back yard with the dogs. Police could see that the kids were fine and were only a few houses away from where they lived.”

Report of toddlers taking a walk

“Police were advised of two toddlers walking alone in the area of South 1st West between 1st South and 2nd South. The RP stated that they got into a white sedan parked next to the church, possibly a Pontiac hatchback. Police checked the area and did not locate a vehicle that matched that description nor any toddlers walking around alone.”

I want my BBQ

“This was an event where officers received a call from the reporting party regarding a suspicious incident at their apartment wherein an individual attempted to remove their BBQ grill. It was found that BBQ grills were not allowed per apartment policy. The reporting party is contacting the complex office regarding the incident.”

These fishermen did’t want the dog

“Police were advised of a small brown dog that was off leash that came up to some fishermen and started jumping on them.”

Water balloon attack

“This was an event where police received a complaint of three college aged males running up behind an adult male while he was walking on the sidewalk. As the suspects passed the male they hit him with three water balloons. The suspects then continued to run away from the victim. Police checked the area with the victim and were not able to locate the suspects.”

A man and his cell phone

“Police were dispatched to the area of West Main Street and Highway 20 for a male seen running down the east shoulder of the highway and appeared to be carrying a gun. Police located the male walking down Main Street. The male found was not carrying a gun and it was actually his cell phone in the male’s hand. There were no problems with the situation and everything was fine.”

The wind invaded my home

“Police were dispatched to the 400 West block of 6th South for report of a possible home invasion. Police responded to the area and met with the reporting party. Police investigated the incident and were able to determine there was no home entry. It appeared that the wind had blown the back door open. There was nothing disturbed or missing from the home. Police then cleared. “

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