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The following is from the Rexburg Police Logs and is public record

Man allegedly under the influence running into traffic

“Police were dispatched to assist a Madison County Deputy that called out for assistance. The deputy was dealing with a male subject that was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and had been running into traffic. Police responded and assisted the deputy with taking the subject into custody. Police transported the male to the Madison County Jail and then cleared from the assist.”

Dog bites man on a walk

“Police were contacted after the reporting party was bitten on the leg walking down the sidewalk. Police made contact with the owner of the dog and advised him of the complaint. Police advised the owner of the dog that the dog needed to be quarantined for ten days and then see a licensed veterinarian and get a clean bill of health for the dog. The dog currently is up to date on all his vaccinations.”

That wasn’t a knife

“Police responded to a motel where a man was supposedly acting disorderly. Police arrived and located the male who was calm at that time. Police searched the male for weapons. The male advised that there was a knife in his pocket and when police went to secure the knife for safety it was actually a methamphetamine pipe. The male was placed into custody and charged with disturbing the peace, possession of methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.”

Man claims he was booted unfairly

“Police were called and asked to assist a male regarding booting. The male stated he had been booted, but had proof he had not exceeded the one hour visitor parking time limit. The manager met with the male and agreed to have the boot removed. The male was warned to not violate the visitor rules. Police then cleared. There is nothing further to report.”

New property tour

“Police responded to a report of a group of young adults entering a building currently under construction. Police arrived on scene and spoke with the property manager who was just giving a tour of the building.”

Suspicious man in a mask

“Police responded to a apartment complex for the report of male wearing a reflective vest and was wearing a skull mask. Police arrived in the area and were unable to locate the suspicious person.”

Abandon vehicle on campus

“Police responded to BYU-Idaho Campus for a report of an abandoned vehicle parked in the MC east parking lot. BYU-Idaho campus security has made contact with the owner, but the vehicle still has not been moved. Police were unsuccessful in contacting the registered owner. The vehicle was stickered for removal.”

Student loses $1,500 to fraud

“Reporting party met police and filed a fraud report. A college student was contacted via his account and offered a job installing electronic equipment. A fraudulent check was sent with directions to buy Wal-mart gift cards valued at $1500.00 dollars and send card information. Reporting party is out 1500.00.”


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