The following is from the Rexburg Police Log and is public record.

Caught with his pants down

“Police received a call of a male near the Centre Square apartments who had dropped his pants and exposed his genitals to people in the area. Police located the individual and cited him for indecent exposure, a misdemeanor.”

Officer, I just needed to release some frustration

“Police responded to a noise complaint, someone cussing up a storm. The individual had just been booted and was releasing some frustration. The apartment tenant was advised to manage the noise level in their apartment. A warning was given, and the individuals involved apologized. No further action taken.”

Call your own foul

“Police responded to the campus basketball gym due to a report of a possible battery that had occurred. A minor battery did occur and no involved parties wanted to press charges. There is nothing further.”

Unwanted window paint

“Police took a report of suspicious circumstances where the individual told police his vehicle had window paint on it. There were several other vehicles in the area which had similar paint on them. The reporting person said they had washed the paint off already and no damages were on the vehicle.”

Harassing phone calls

“Police took a call referencing possible harassment. The individual said an unknown person has been calling him about ten times a day for the past 3-4 days. The individual had not spoken with the individual yet and advised he would speak with them without police involvement and requested this information be documented at this time.”

Hit and Run

“Police were dispatched to a report of a hit and run accident. The reporting party stated a vehicle had run a stop sign and struck the driver’s side rear bumper of their vehicle. The suspect vehicle then ran multiple stop signs in an attempt to flee. The reporting party was able to get a license plate number. Police contacted the suspect who denied involvement. There was no damage done to either vehicle. Police cautioned the suspect to drive more cautiously.”

Inappropriate symbols inscribed with soap

“Police received a complaint of phallus symbols scribed on windshields with black soap at an apartment complex near Seventh South and Second East. Several cars were tagged. The soap was easily removed. A special watch is requested on the south side of the complex for the next two weeks.”

A moosen

“Police responded to the 400th block on Pioneer Road of a report of a moose. Police arrived in the area and were unable to locate the moose. Idaho Fish and Game was contacted about the moose sighting and arrived in the area to continue to investigate.”

Why did I go to Rexburg?

“Police responded to a report of a suspicious male in the area of campus. A female caller reported that a male had approached her on campus and asked if he could talk to her. The female said that the male was very emotional and told her that he had driven to Rexburg from Washington and did not know why he was there. Police made contact with the male near campus and he stated that he was not suicidal and was fine. Police also made contact with the male’s father who advised that he was aware of his son’s whereabouts and had given him money and the vehicle that he was in.”