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The following is from the Rexburg Police Logs and is public information.

Respectful DJ

“Police were asked to return a phone call to an individual who had questions about decibel limits in regards to a party he is going to DJ at. Police advised the individual that the people hosting the event should get a permit from the city in order to have the event. Police advised that in regards to noise levels, they just need to be reasonable in regards to the place and time of the event. Police advised that if noise complaints do come in, then Police will respond and have them turn the noise down.”

Traffic Cones Only Work If Nobody Moves Them

“Police were asked to return a landline to a property owner who wanted a car moved. The RP reported he was doing construction to his parking lot and had the area blocked off. The driver of a car moved the cones and parked in the area anyways. The RP requested that police contact the driver and request he move his car. Police called and left a message on the driver’s voicemail. Police were unable to make contact with the driver. Police notified the RP and then cleared from the call. There is nothing further.”

Unattended Children

“Police were dispatched to the area of College Ave for report of three babies that were left unattended in a car. Police arrived and observed the vehicle had left the area. Police were given a license plate number that did not return with any information. Police then cleared.”

Uneasy Situation

“Police were asked to return a phone call regarding a suspicious circumstance. The reporting person had someone contact them on their phone and told them that they were referred to them for some services. The RP stated that the individual could not remember who referred them. The RP felt uneasy about the situation and wanted to get some ideas of what they should do. The RP decided that they were just going to cancel the appointment they had for the individual to come to their home and do some more work.”

Is Being Engaged a Crime?

“This was an event where police received a complaint of an occupied, running vehicle at a closed business. Police responded and met with the occupants of the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle indicated that they were just parked discussing their upcoming marriage. The occupants left the business. No crime was committed.”

Stranger Danger

“This was an event where police took a report of a suspicious male in a local business. A 15 year old female was approached by the male who said hi and that he knew her. The female then walked away. Police obtained pictures of the male but have not identified the male. As of this point the male has not been identified and no actual crime was committed.”

Pigeon Problems

“Police were contacted regarding a pigeon that had flown into a building and wouldn’t fly away. The Reporting Party was looking for some type of rehabilitation for the bird. Police informed the RP that they were not equipped for that but would dispose of the bird for them or they could contact Fish and Game to see what they could do. The complainant decided to call Fish and Game.”

Runaway Poodle Remembered to Stay Warm

“Police were contacted regarding a poodle with a sweater walking around the Countryside, Sunflower area with no tags. Police secured the dog and put him in the shelter. Shortly after, Police were contacted by the owner, who stated that she were out of town but would pick up the dog the next day.”

Wasting 12 Hours of Gas

“Police were advised of a vehicle parked on the side of the road that had been there for approximately 12 hours and still had the engine running. Police were able to make contact with the owner of the vehicle and advised they accidentally left it running after they parked it there the night prior. The car was turned off and everything was fine with it.”

Caution: Ghost Crossings

“Police responded to a potential issue with a traffic light. Police arrived and observed the light go through several cycles. It appeared the pedestrian button was being triggered without actual pedestrians. Police advised Idaho Department of Transportation of the situation.”

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