Police log: From gunshots to stolen wallets


The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.

Is your wallet stolen, or did you just lose it?

“Police took a report of an individual’s wallet possibly being stolen while she was shopping in a local business. The complainant called back later and said she recovered her wallet and that it had not been stolen.”

Guns in the apartment, such a good idea

“Police were dispatched to a call of a gunshot at an apartment. A firearm had accidently been discharged while maintaining and cleaning it. Police arrived and confirmed no one was injured. Information was collected from those involved. The round had penetrated two walls within the complex. Maintenance for the apartment was contacted and the discharged round was collected. Police spoke with the owner of the gun about firearm safety.”

Wild dog chase

“Police responded to an animal complaint. A dog had been found, and the individual who found the dog dropped the dog off at a friend’s house. The friend called police to place the dog in a shelter. The reporting party met police at the animal shelter and the dog was placed in the shelter. Police cleared the area.”

Bank fraud

“Police received a walk in report where an individual was tricked into providing his bank login information to scammers who began transferring money out of his account. A statement was taken and the report will be forwarded to investigations.”