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The following is from the Rexburg Police Logs and it public record.

Dead battery

“Police responded to the area of Porter Park where an individual in a motorized wheelchair was on the shoulder of 2nd West with a battery that was almost dead. Police were able to push the individual onto the sidewalk and out of the road where a family member was able to come pick him up.”

I want to move into my apartment

“Police were dispatched to return a landline to a male that was wanting police to help contact an apartment manager. The RP stated he was trying to move in to his apartment but the apartment was locked and he was unable to get the manager to answer. Police assisted the male with getting in touch with manager. Police then cleared. There is nothing further to report.”

Identity theft

“Police returned a phone call to a male caller in reference to identity theft. The caller stated that someone called him saying that there was an open investigation regarding fraud with his social security number. The male stated that he provided the caller with his full name and social security number and then the caller started asking for bank information and the male hung up. The male was advised to contact his bank and to contact the social security office and advised them that his social security number may be compromised.”

My roommate took my stuff

“Police took a walk in report at the police department in reference to a theft. A female victim reported that she was missing several items from her apartment and she believed that it was her roommate that took the items. Police interviewed the victim and are investigating the incident.”

Possible home burglary

“Police responded to a local apartment complex for a report of stolen money and a stolen firearm. Police received statements, photographed the scene, and placed a special watch on the home. Investigation is on-going.”

One unhappy suspended driver

“Police took a walk in request for a civil standby at the complainant’s residence. After police advised the complainant that his driver’s license status was suspended, he got agitated and stormed out of the police department. Consequently the civil standby was not completed.”


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