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POLICE LOG: From nursing home brawls to alcohol withdrawals

Cleaning the alarms

“This was an event where police received a report of a burglary alarm at a local bank. Police arrived and found that a cleaning person had set off the alarm. A manager for the bank arrived and confirmed that the person was authorized to be in the bank.”

Dog on the run

“Police responded to North Point apartment to assist with a stray dog that was found wandering the property. Police arrived and took the dog to the Rexburg Animal Shelter. Police were later contacted by the owner of the dog. The dog was released to its owner.”

Nursing Home brawls

“This was an event where police were called to local nursing home for a battery report. A resident at the facility had struck a nurse in her face knocking her glasses off. The staff requested police to respond to calm the resident and to document the incident. No charges were requested or filed.”

Fistfight in progress

“This was an event where police were dispatched to a physical domestic in progress. Police arrived and met with the parties involved. During the investigation it was determined that both parties had physically struck each other. Both parties were cited for domestic battery.”

Party Foul

“This was an incident where underage consumption and drugs were reported at a party. Officers responded to the area and located suspicious activity that led to multiple Misdemeanor citations and infractions. Individuals were cited and released for infraction of underage consumption, misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, paraphernalia and procuring alcohol.”

Alcohol withdrawals

“Police responded to a report of a male having difficulty breathing, falling asleep, and gagging. It was also reported that the male was possibly suffering alcohol withdrawals. Police assisted Madison County Ambulance where they were needed. The male was eventually transported to Madison Memorial Hospital.”

There’s a whistler loose in the streets

“Police responded to a suspicious circumstance where the reporting party heard whistling outside their apartment and thought a person might walk into the apartment. Police arrived and did not locate anyone in the area.”

That deer is threatening

“Police received a call from a group of campers about someone wandering around their tent. Officers responded and determined that it was deer.”

Restrain yourself

“Police received a complaint from an individual that his wife’s sister’s roommates’ ex-husband had violated a restraining order by sending electronic messages from a different state. Investigation is ongoing.”

Suspicious female at Wal-Mart

“Police responded to a report of a suspicious female in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Police arrived and patrolled the area. Police were not able to locate the person in question. No further action was taken.”

Can’t you smell that smell?

“Police responded to Towers 2 apartments for a report of an odor of marijuana. Police arrived and could not smell the odor of marijuana. Police K9 conducted a free air sniff of the area and did not alert to the presence of drug odor.”

Family drama

“Police were dispatched to a residence to take a report from someone feeling threatened by a family member. Police determined there was no legitimate threat made. Police instructed family members to not have any contact with each other. Police also recommended the complainant to apply for a protection order at the court house.”


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