The following is from the Rexburg Police Logs and is public record.

Fire on top of a train

“Police were dispatched to the area of Valley River Drive for a report of two people on top of a train car where there was a fire burning. When police arrived at the scene two people were seen running north. Police were able to make contact with the suspects in the parking lot of Fat Cats. After speaking with the individuals it was determined that they were the ones that lit the fire on top of the train car. Contact was made with the railroad company to see if they wanted any charges filed. Charges were filed and later dropped by the railroad company.”

Someone hates moving

“Police responded to 600 Pioneer Road to a report of a couple that was arguing in their apartment. The caller was unsure if it was domestic but said that it has been quiet for the last several minutes. Police responded to the area and found that a verbal domestic had occurred caused by stress of moving to a different apartment.”

The parking battles return

“Police met with a manager of a student apartment complex. Manager has had problems with a tenant parking his motorcycle in a handicap stall around the complex. Manager advised that he has a paper trail of warnings to tenant. The property is managed by a private booting and towing company. Manager was given options to solve parking problems.”

Ice cream and cake

“Police responded to a noise complaint on South Second West. Police made contact with the tenants who were having a birthday party for a friend. The tenants of the apartment were advised to keep the noise down. The reporting party also said they were ‘pretty sure’ there is drinking going on. Police found no evidence to support accusations of drinking. No further action taken.”

Pink little minions

“Police received a complaint about little girls ringing doorbells at an apartment complex and running away. The reporting party stated they were wearing a pink sweater and a pink coat. Just prior to police arriving at the residence, the girls responsible apologized to the reporting party. The reporting party advised police that they did not want any further action after the apology was given.”

Get out of my hot tub

“Police responded to a local housing complex for the report of people trespassing in the complex’s hot tub. Police arrived and spoke with two males that were using the hot tub without permission. At the request of the owner, the two males were cited with trespassing.”

Screaming and skating

“Police responded to a noise complaint coming from a parking garage. The reporting party stated approximately three individuals were screaming and skateboarding in the garage. No description of the individuals was given. Police arrived in the area shortly after the call was made, but were unable to locate anybody in the parking garage.”

Our relationship ain’t all that’s broken

“Police received a complaint of disturbing the peace at the BYU-I on-campus housing. Police arrived and found that the disturbance was over a boyfriend/girlfriend break up. The male became upset and broke a glass door with rocks.”