Slightly alarmed

“Police responded to a business alarm that was determined to be false due to human error. An employee was having difficulty with the alarm system and could not get it to reset. Police facilitated employee with the alarm company and reset the alarm.”

Noise complaint

“Police were dispatched to an apartment complex due to a noise complaint. During the investigation, police smelled the odor of an illegal substance. One person was cited and released for possession of a controlled substance & paraphernalia. Two others were cited and released for frequenting a place where drugs are known to be used. All parties were warned for the noise issue.”

Forging in Texas

“Police took a report from an individual who came into the police department indicating a former employer forged his signature. The incident occurred in Texas and he was advised to notify them of the issue, and police here, would document the information.”

Agitation in the hospital

“Police were requested to respond to the Emergency Department of Madison Memorial Hospital for an agitated patient. Upon arrival, Police were told that the patient had calmed down. Police stood by. (The) patient was calm and (the) physician told us that everything was ok.”

Sneaking through the window

“Police responded to a report of two male sneaking into a second-floor window. Police responded to the area and confirmed that no crimes were being committed, and that no one was in danger. No further action was taken.”

Phantom smells

“Police responded to a report of a female that could smell a strange odor coming from her apartment. Police arrived and determined that there was no odor. Police determined that the female was suffering from a medical condition. The female agreed to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. No further action was taken.”

Inappropriate solicitor

“Police responded to a report of an individual going door to door, asking girls if they wanted to see something, which they interpreted as inappropriate. Police were unable to locate the individual in question. The reporting person did not want a return phone call. No further action was taken.”

Locks are effective if they don’t get stolen

“Police responded to (BYU-Idaho) security office to take a theft report of a stolen lock. The lock was used to isolate a vehicle on their private property so that they could identify the owner of the vehicle. The lock was removed and taken, the vehicle left the area. See narrative.”

Crash course

“Police responded to a vehicle vs pedestrian crash that occurred near the (BYU-Idaho) stadium. The vehicle was attempting a right turn onto the roadway and had struck a pedestrian that was riding a segway on the sidewalk. The vehicle had minor damage. The pedestrian was checked on by EMS. The driver of the vehicle was cited for making an improper turn.”

Aggressive shopping cart

“Police responded to a walk-in complaint of a vehicle that had struck a shopping cart in a parking lot. The shopping cart then struck the reporting party’s vehicle and a second vehicle. Minimal to no damage was reported and the reporting party wanted the incident recorded.”

Concerned banker

“This is just a department information report. It was reported that a customer made a comment to the bank manager of Key Bank that she found slightly inappropriate and just wanted us to be aware of this (in) case it turned into something down the road.”

Stealing or borrowing?

“Police were dispatched to a suspicious circumstance involving a possible vehicle theft in progress. Police responded to the scene and located the vehicle which had an alarm activated. An individual near the vehicle was identified as being the person who set off the vehicle’s alarm. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and confirmed that he was letting the individual on scene borrow the vehicle. The vehicle had a malfunction and would not start properly. The vehicle was secured and left on scene.”

Roof party

“Police responded to a report of four people trespassing on the roof of an apartment building. Police made contact with the people in question. The owner of the property requested that the people be given a warning. No further action was taken.”

Suspicious meter readings

“Police responded to a report of a suspicious circumstance, where (an) individual was walking with what appeared to be a walkie talkie. It turned out to be an employee with Rocky Mountain Power, reading meters. No further action was taken.”

Songbird sympathy

“Police were dispatched to take a landline in regards to a small injured songbird that was located on the BYU-Idaho Snow grounds. Police spoke with the male on the phone and advised him there was nothing they could do for the bird. Police urged the male to call Idaho Fish and Game. The male stated he would do so. Police then cleared from the call.”

Poisoned sandwiches

“This was an event where police received a call from an elderly female who is a resident of (an) assisted living center. The female was complaining that a nurse had brought her a sandwich which had butter in it and the sandwich was poisoned. Police spoke with the female and listened to her complaint. The female suffers from age-related mental issues. The female is safe and was not in any danger.”