Police log: Gas station harassment and drugs in traffic


Drugs found after violating a traffic law

“Police observed a driver violate a traffic law. Police initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver and only occupant of the vehicle. Police detected an odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The vehicle was searched and marijuana and drug paraphernalia was seized. The driver was cited and released for the illegal items.”

Gas station harassment

“Police responded to an individual who was harassing staff at a local gas station. The individual had a warrant for their arrest, and was taken into custody. While police were conducting a tow inventory, narcotics were found in the vehicle. The individual was taken to Madison County Jail and booked.”

Scrambled or over-easy?

“Police took a walk in report of a vehicle which had been egged over the weekend. Police are looking into the matter.”

Booted out

“Police took a report of a damaged parking boot. Police gathered information from the booting company about the incident and are attempting to locate the suspect.”