Police log: Ghost cars and Kool-Aid men

Photo credit: Scroll Archives

The following comes from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and Rexburg Police Department police logs and is public record.

Ghost car?

“Police were dispatched to take report of a damaged vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. Police arrived and met with the owner of the vehicle. Police took report from the owner and then reviewed video footage. Police did not observe any vehicles striking the reporting parties vehicle. It is unknown where the damaged occurred.”

Bring that vehicle back!

“Police responded to a stolen vehicle call. Police were able to speak with the individual who took the vehicle but have not been able to locate the vehicle. Police have a positive ID on the suspect but are still looking for the vehicle. Police are no longer in contact with the suspect and with further investigation the suspect has a warrant for arrest in another jurisdiction. The investigation is ongoing.”

You’re a few weeks too late.

“This is an incident where a parent came into the Madison Jr High and was upset about an incident that had occurred several weeks earlier. The parent was using vulgar language and was asked to calm down several times. He was then asked to leave and was trespassed by the principal of the school.”

Was that the Kool-Aid man?

“Police responded to an apartment complex for a report of an attempted break-in. The reporting party stated a male tried to break through their outside doors. Police are investigating.”