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POLICE LOG: Individual investigates cell towers to see if “they” are listening

The following comes from Madison County Sheriffs Office police logs and is public record.

Investigation: making sure “they” aren’t listening

Police responded to cell towers near Founder’s square to investigate a suspicious incident. A male individual with Montana plates went to the area, walked to the cell towers and then left the area. Male told reporting party that he was investigating the towers to make sure that “they weren’t listening”. Male had left the area prior to Police.

Tree on fire

Police responded to a report of a tree that was inadvertently set on fire. The fire was extinguished by the Madison County Fire Department. A damaged property report was completed.

High school vandalism

Police were dispatched to the Madison High School Stadium for report of vandalism. Police responded and observed someone had spray painted the letters ODB on the north west ticket booth. Police photographed the vandalism and later identified and arrested the individual responsible. While in custody the male admitted to another graffiti event earlier in the year. The male was charged for that event as well.

Religious Walmart man

Police responded to the Walmart for a report of an individual inside the store being disorderly. Police were advised the individual comes in almost every Sunday and other days during the week, stands in the store and yells religious things at people such as “sinners are going to hell”. The male appeared to be an older gentlemen wearing a red and gray plad shirt, a medical mask and a baseball cap. Police were advised that the male left while before they got on scene because he saw the reporting person on the phone. The truck the male drove off in was described as a white Ford 4 door with 1M plates on it. The truck was last seen traveling west on N 2nd East and police were unable to locate it. The reporting person advised they would call sooner the next time the individual showed up.

Local loitering

Police was summoned to an area business on Center street. An unidentified male had been loitering in the alley. Business has video of person. Person no longer in the area. No crimes have been committed. Male was observed lingering in alley and vestibule of an apartment complex stairwell between 0430 and 0700 on 061120.


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