Police serve Daybells with search warrants after discovering them in Hawaii


After what may have seemed like months of no answers in regards to Tylee Ryan and Joshua, “J.J.”, Vallow, the missing children, Chad and Lori Daybell have been found residing in Kauai, Hawaii.

According to EastIdahoNews.com, on Jan. 26, the Daybell’s were served with two search warrants. They were pulled over while driving a black Ford Explorer. After they entered a parking lot, the car was seized from them and they were both put into separate police cars.

Since the children’s disappearance, the Daybells lied about the location of Tylee and Joshua to officers before fleeing from their home in Idaho.

Although their car was seized and a search of their house was conducted, they were not arrested on Sunday.

Police have not reported on what they have been searching for, but EastIdahoNews saw Lori Daybell carrying a large sum of money in a plastic bag.

EastIdahoNews tried to interview the Daybell’s hoping to get some information concerning their children and their location; however, the only thing Lori Daybell said when told many people across the country were praying for her children was, “That’s great.”

For more information regarding the discovery of the Daybell’s location see the article published by EastIdahoNews on Jan. 26.

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