Pop music artist Jake Scott will perform at the Hart Auditorium on Friday at 7 p.m.

This is the second appearance by Scott at BYU-Idaho after opening for Brett Young on Oct. 7, 2023. Manager of Public Affairs Perry Rockwood said that the success of the fall concert inspired BYU-I’s Center Stage to invite Scott back to Rexburg.

“He did a 30 minute set in the I-Center and people loved it,” Rockwood said. “Ever since then we kind of wanted him to come back and do his own show, and he was more than happy to come back and be the main performer this time.”

Rockwood pointed out that Scott brought a lot of energy to campus last fall, and Center Stage wanted to bring that back for the spring.

“He does a really good job of being intentional with his audience,” Rockwood said. “He was very upbeat, very energetic. I think just the mix of his great personality trying to get the audience involved with being an actually good artist is what made it so good.”

Center Stage has recently hosted several concerts at BYU-I for artists such as Amy Grant, Kristen Chenoweth and Brett Young.

Rockwood said that the purpose of these concerts is to provide a sense of community for the students, mostly by focusing on these bigger events, such as Date Night and Center Stage concerts.

“One thing we’re trying to move to is less activities that are bigger and have more of an appeal to a wide variety of the students,” Rockwood said.

The Center Stage announcement for the upcoming concert

The Center Stage announcement for the upcoming concert Photo credit: Perry Rockwood

Another thing Rockwood pointed out is that by bringing a well-known artist to Rexburg, they bring concerts closer to students for less.

“Tickets for students start at $20. If you were to see him in Utah with a group of friends, you’re paying at least $75 to $80,” Rockwood said. “We just really want this to be something that students are looking forward to and that they know is happening every semester.”

For tickets and more information visit the Center Stage website.