When you first hear about the BYU-Idaho Radio Station you may be asking yourself, “What radio station?”

The BYU-I Radio Station and its programs are derived, planned and produced by students for students to provide the “BYU-I experience” wherever they are in the world.

“Rexburg is a home away from home, and the listeners need to know what’s going on in Rexburg,” said Jamie Strobel, a communication alumna finishing her internship with the radio station. “It’s important for them to hear about events going on because it helps them be part of the community.”

The radio station is progressing and adapting to inform its listeners and support the school by adding new programs. Stephanie Steele, a junior studying music, works behind the scenes with these new projects. It gives her the opportunity to strengthen her expertise through hands-on experience while supporting the school.

Steele is currently working on Sounds From The Snow. She describes it as a program that promotes new music from the concerts at BYU-I, including the orchestras, choirs and other musical groups in the school.

Not only does the radio connect students to students, but it helps pop the “Rexburg bubble” by connecting the students with the community.

“Everyone talks about the ‘Rexburg bubble’ and being on the college campus makes the bubble even smaller, but listening to the radio and listening to the news just gets you out of it a little bit,” said Jessica Morgenthaler, a junior studying communication, who works as an editor and reporter for the station. “If you listen to the information about what’s going on in the community, you kind of pop that bubble.”

BYU-I Radio’s motto is, “Be informed, be inspired.”

Morgenthaler said that the objective of the radio is to help listeners to be informed through spreading awareness and help the community.

“We want people to know what’s going on and things to be aware of,” Morgenthaler said.

The ‘Be Inspired’ portion of the radio station comes from KBYR, the religious station. “We feature talks and conferences, and the devotionals we broadcast from the I-center,” Morgenthaler said. “We want to inspire people to live good, happy lives.”

BYU-I Radio consists of three different stations: 91.5 FM, 94.3 FM and an online, streamable broadcast, according to its website. They also have a new Podcast stream.