BYU-Idaho is holding the Power to Become Conference on Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. Tickets will cost $10 and will give students access to the event’s six speakers and a musical performance from male acapella group Vocal Point.

Power to Become started with an idea from President Kim B. Clark to find a way to get successful alumni in front of the students.

“President Clark came to me and said we need to get alumni in front of our students, and not focused in one or two colleges but the entire school,” said Steve Davis, director of the BYU-I Alumni Office.

Davis said Power to Become was modeled after Learn to Earn, a high-energy business summit in Salt Lake City.

“We got permission to do a conference and came up with Power to Become,” Davis said. “The first event was in October of 2014. We had eight speakers in two days; It was a huge success.”

Davis said originally Power to Become was a two-day event but was shortened after receiving feedback that the event was too long.

“We are holding P2B every other semester so that all of the students on different tracks have the opportunity to attend,” Davis said.

Davis said the event will be from 5-11 p.m. and will have talks that will help students walk away with motivation to do something.

“Where else can you pay $10 and get to have amazing speakers and watch Vocal Point perform?” said Mitch Stewart, a junior studying business finance.

Stewart said his favorite parts of Power to Become are the prizes and games and different things to keep students active.

“The best part of P2B is the feeling you walk away with,” Stewart said. “You feel you have the power to become the best person you can be.”