The Presentation Practice Center will be hosting “I-Talk,” a TED Talk-style presentation on Thursday at 7 p.m.

The event will be held at the MC Little Theatre on the third floor of the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center. Attendees are encouraged to dress in event attire, reflecting the evening’s theme, “A Night of Elegance.”

“I-Talk” will feature three students from the professional presentations class, COMM 273. These students have spent the entire semester preparing for this moment, culminating in their final assignment: delivering a TED Talk.

The class, along with their professor, selects the top presentations to be showcased at “I-Talk,” offering a unique opportunity for the speakers to present to a broader audience.

I-talks poster

I-Talks poster. Photo credit: Presentation Practice Center

While the specific topics of the TED Talks remain a surprise, attendees can expect approximately 10-minute presentations from each speaker, totaling around half an hour of speaking time. Following the presentations, there will be a refreshment period where attendees can mingle, enjoy mocktails and engage in discussions with the speakers.

The event is designed not only to highlight the students’ progress and passion for public speaking but also to encourage more individuals to visit the PPC. The center provides valuable resources to help overcome public speaking fears and build confidence.

The PPC is located at MCK 164 and operates Monday-Friday, office hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All appointments can be made over the phone at 208-496-3719 or via I-plan.

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