Teton Basin Ranger District will start their planned fire this Saturday. The fire will be located in the South part of State Highway 31 and will affect traffic in the area.

Consequently, hiking trails 230 and Aspen Trails 034 and 032 are expected to close this weekend.

The objective of these fires is to “(reduce) conifer encroachment in aspen stands, to increase aspen stands to improve wildlife habitat, and (reduce) hazardous fuel loading affecting values at risk and the Wildland Urban Interface,” said Fire Prevention Technician Jon Carneill.

The fires will begin Sept. 17.

The fires will begin Sept. 17. Photo credit: Katie Gorby

These fires will also help minimize the risk of wildfires to surrounding communities, according to Forest Service News Release.

The fires will be ignited by a heli-torch and controlled by helicopter. The Forest Service is asking the public not to fly any type of aircraft near the area.