On Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Manwaring Center Little Theater, the Presentation Practice Center and the Events Management class hosted the 2023 Winter Semester Better to Best event.

The theme of the event was construction with all the cast members wearing their “construction crew” shirts. There were yellow, white and black decorations strewn about with yellow caution tape plastered on the doors and around the room. Even the the PPC Director, Spencer Haack, got into style with a green hard hat as the host of the event.

Presenter Dallin Jenkins wearing a construction theme shirt

Presenter Dallin Jenkins wearing a construction theme shirt Photo credit: Micheal Nading Jr.

“The main goal is to have people learn a few things that can make them a lot better,” said Dallin Jenkins, a first-semester tutor. “It does not need to be this new presenting style. It’s just small, different little changes that make a big difference overall and also to just have fun.”

Jenkins also stated that he felt that the goals and expectations for this event were met.

Jordan Lake, a student at the event, described that he came expecting to learn more about public speaking techniques and felt those expectations were met and exceeded.

“I enjoyed the people and I enjoyed the topic of discussion,” Lake said. “I enjoyed the fact that it was more focused on linking and going off the spot rather than working off a script that we normally do in public speaking classes. There were a lot of activities that were essentially you coming up with a story on a whim or impromptu based on a picture or connecting words together.”

P.P.C. Director, Spencer Haacke describing an impromptu story about being scared away by a pug in a blanket.jpg

P.P.C. Director, Spencer Haacke, describing an impromptu story about being scared away by a pug in a blanket Photo credit: Micheal Nading Jr.

The PPC will host at least two other planned activities this semester. The first will feature guest and professional speaker Mike Reynolds; he will talk about public speaking, practice and body language. The second is the PPC’s acclaimed Best of TED, where the Professional Presentation class teachers will pick the best speaker from each class and recommend them to present at this final extravaganza of the semester.

Those who have further questions about the PPC can visit its website.