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Labaugh named new VP

Amy LaBaugh, the former student development managing director, has been named as a new vice president of BYU-Idaho as Kevin Miyasaki retires.

University Relations said LaBaugh is acting as the first female vice president at BYU-I.

LaBaugh will serve over the Student Life portion of the university, which involves any service or program available to students outside of academics.

She will begin working as the vice president immediately.

In an email sent to the faculty, President Gilbert announced the change in leadership.

President Gilbert said he admires LaBaugh’s professional understanding of the success of students.

“I believe Amy’s background and personal leadership prepare her particularly well for this time and season as we look at issues and opportunities facing our students,” President Gilbert said.

LaBaugh graduated from Ricks College and began working at the school as an academic advisor 15 years ago.

She said she is happy to have the opportunity to contribute to the university.

“Now, not only do I get to be a champion for the student services I have looked over until now, but for all of Student Life because everyone in student life is working for student success,” LaBaugh said.

LaBaugh said she wants everyone in Student Life to feel empowered and excited to do their jobs.

“If everyone in Student Life is connected and empowered and excited, then that’s a success,” Labaugh said.

LaBaugh said she defines success in her stewardship when she can help students find success for themselves.

“When we’re committed to the Savior — when people are empowered and excited about their work until the end and it gives all students the opportunity to succeed — those are the things that I look to as I’m evaluating how we are doing,” LaBaugh said.

LaBaugh said she wants students to know the Savior loves them and wants them to succeed.

“The work that they are doing right now is so important,” LaBaugh said. “And the Lord is relying on them, and the world needs them to be educated, quality professionals.”


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