President Russell M. Nelson, the president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, signed 1,150 letters extending mission calls to newly called full-time missionaries on Tuesday, a symbol of the leadership transition in the Church, according to Mormon Newsroom.

After the passing of President Monson on Jan. 2, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is leading the church during this time known as an apostolic interregnum, with President Nelson leading as the senior apostle.

“Even when there’s an impending change in church leadership, the work of the church moves forward,” President Nelson said to Mormon Newsroom. “We don’t want to have our prospective missionaries wait for their calling any longer than is necessary for this much-anticipated milestone in their lives.”

During Monson’s administration, 410,422 mission calls received the signature of the former Church President — about three of every 10 missionaries who have served since the Church was organized in 1830.

The Church currently has 67,000 missionaries serving in 421 missions around the world.

President Monson’s funeral will be held this Friday, Jan. 12, at noon MST in the Conference Center.

The quorum will meet soon after the funeral to reorganize the quorum and other business will resume full speed under the direction of a new president, according to Deseret News.

“It’s a transition,” Elder Ballard said to Deseret News, “and I would think by next week this time we’ll all be wondering how we’re going to get it all done.”