Finals week is coming up, and while students are preparing for next semester’s classes, they have the chance to look at professor’s ratings. Sites like Rate My Professor; where students can post evaluations of their professors, help students decide what classes to enroll in.

Teachers read their own reviews on Rate My Professor and experienced a variety of emotions.

“All I want in life is a red chili pepper,” said Carol Wise, a math professor. “#Goals.”

On the website Rate My Professor, each professor has a chili pepper, and if the chili pepper is red, it means students have rated this professor as, “hot”.

After reading a student’s comment saying they wouldn’t recommend taking Scott Cameron’s literature class, Scott Cameron, an English professor said, “Well, I’m not exactly sure what students expect from a literature class aside from analyzing literature,” Cameron said. “But I can see how for a non-major student it might be a little bewildering.”

“(One of the comments says) I only depend on my graders and that’s not true,” said Mark Dewall, a biology professor at BYU-I. “I do a lot of the grading myself.”

Rate My Professor can be useful to get an idea of what your teacher will be like from the student’s perspectives, and teachers can get an idea of what changes to make or what students are feeling. But sometimes, the comments on the site can be fun to laugh at.